Company Profile


Melody Solutions Co., Ltd. established in 2012 by a group of leading musicians in Thailand. Our focus is on providing a complete solutions for woodwind players.

    The product and services that we currently offers are:

  • Selling quality new and used instruments
  • Provide music lessons
  • Education consultations
  • Event organization such as concerts and master classes
  • Music instruments repair 


Melody Solutions Footprints and Future
 2012   The company was founded on Jan 4th, 2012 by 3 musicians in Thailand: Siriporn Jinanarong, Wuttichai Treesit, and
  Naraporn Kalaya na Soothorn.  The company was appointed to be Thailand dealer by Muramatsu Flutes and Sankyo Flutes. 
2013  Organised the Guest Artist Julien Beaudiment visited Thailand for master class and concert 
 Siriporn and Wuttichai went to Sankyo Flute, Sayama, Japan for repair training.
2014  Participated in Trevor Wye Flute Festival 2014
 Siriporn and Wuttichai visited
    Lohff & Pfeiffer Copenhagen, Denmark for clarinet repair training
    Tomasi Flute for flute making and repair training
2015  Organised Elisabeth Dooner and Sarah Newbold flute course and concert at Trinity Thailand
 Participated the Thailand Flute Festival 2015: Guest Artist Jasmine Choi,
2016  Became NUVO instruments Thailand dealer
 Naraporn visited Music China
2017  Naraporn visited Eastman company in China
 Organised Elisabeth Dooner and Sarah Newbold flute course and concert at Bansomdej Chaopraya Rajabhat University
 Participate in the Thailand Clarinet Academy 2017
 Bacame Thailand Beaumont accessories, LeFreque, Silver Stein dealer 
2018  Participate in the Thailand Clarinet Academy 2018
 Wuttichai and Supatchaya went to Japan for certified repair training at Muramatsu Flutes and Sankyo Flutes
 Wuttichai participate the Music China 2018
 Participated in Thailand Flute Festival 2018 guest artist Julien Beaudiment
 Bacame ReedGeek Thailand Dealer
 First time export cleaning paper abroad
2019  Became Uebel Clarinet Thailand dealer
 Organised the Uebel Clarinet Grand Opening at BaanFlute
 Organised the Elisabeth Dooner and Sarah Newbold Flute Course and Concert at Chulalongkorn University
Visitors: 172,204