pBone - The Original Jiggs Plastic Trombone - And The pInstrument Family

Warwick Music Group began in 1994 as a sheet music publisher and has since grown to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of musical instruments. The pInstrument journey began with the pBone plastic trombone, the world’s first and bestselling plastic trombone. Other plastic brass instruments have joined the range, including pBone Mini, pTrumpet, pTrumpet hyTech, pBugle, pCornet, and our beginner brass instrument, pBuzz. Our range of products continues to grow, delivering music for all.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and we are the first instrument manufacturer to offer carbon-neutral musical instruments only. Our lightweight instruments are perfect for young learners and beyond, designed to be robust, and easy to clean and maintain. Our products are authentic, affordable, and accessible. We provide learning resources for children, parents, and educators to help learners get the most out of music. Our training services have even unlocked whole-class instrument learning for classroom teachers without any prior musical knowledge.

pBone Instruments

  • pBuzz
    1,700.00 THB
  • pCornet
    6,300.00 THB
  • pBone Mini
    6,300.00 THB
  • pTrumpet
    7,500.00 THB
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