For more than 85 years the name Marigaux has been synonymous with those of the greatest oboe players, its reputation ever continuing to assert itself. At present Marigaux is a benchmark in the field of sound throughout the world. It is exported to over 60 countries and is played in the most renowned orchestras worldwide.

This success is a result of combining the talents of our specialist technicians with that of musicians.

Great attention to detail is shown throughout the entire manufacturing process.
Each operation is meticulously controlled by our technicians, and each completed instrument is fine-tuned by our team of top international players.

Marigaux Oboe

  • Student Oboe – Line 701
    0.00 THB
  • Oboe – Line 900
    0.00 THB
  • OBOE – LINE 2000
    0.00 THB
  • OBOE – LINE M2
    0.00 THB

Marigaux Cor Anglais

    0.00 THB

Marigaux Oboe d’Amore

  • Oboe d’Amore
    0.00 THB

Marigaux Bass Oboe

  • Bass Oboe
    0.00 THB

Murigaux Musette

    0.00 THB
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